Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Links of the Future

Welcome to Tuesday, April 30th 2013, traveler. It's two weeks since the Boston Marathon bombing vividly illustrated the way that our shrinking world causes far-flung cultures, ideologies and histories to collide.
Here are pictures of big cats acting like house cats. A brilliant tumblr: The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

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Unknown said...

Great article on indie rock. I too feel like those "stuff white people like" websites are essentially racist, equating upper middle class with whiteness. I know plenty of black people who like all of those things, and plenty of white people who don't. It's really sad to me to see how racist are culture is and yet how it seems to think only old timey stuff is racist. There's stuff on TV today that's at least as bad as Amos And Andy, but no one ever talks about it. But mention "uncle Tom's cabin" (which was actually very anti racism) and people think youre racist. It"s all chronological snobbery masquerading as progressiveness.