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Shandong Pharmaceutical Water Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center was approved and incorporated on October 9, 2006 by Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province, and the supporting institution is Zibo Huazhou Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd., and the main research direction is the pharmaceutical water equipment.

Since the research center was established, the goal has always been committed to the development of environmental protection, energy saving and advanced performance equipment as the theme. The company takes about 3% of the sales revenue as the R&D center construction funds every year, and has accumulated research and development funds to more than RMB 13,000,000. The original value of professional processing, testing and the test equipment reaches more than RMB 6,600,000; The company has more than 30 higher professional talents. With the sincere coordination of the center team, the research center was awarded as "Provincial Excellent Engineering Technology Research Center" in the process of review and acceptance in December 2011. And the research center was awarded as "the enterprise technology research and development center" by Zibo Small-middle Sized Enterprise Bureau in 2014.

With the augmentation of the strength, the center has undertaken the two municipal and provincial scientific research projects. In April 2011, Shandong scientific and development planning project "rising membrane and the falling film type multiple effect distilled water machine" was successfully completed in December 2012 and successfully accepted in July 2013. In July 2013, the Zibo city key innovation project "Rising Membrane and the Falling Film Type Multi-Effect Distilled Water Machine Technology Development" has been completed smoothly in June 2015. So far, the center has independently researched and developed more than 20 new and high technology products, 2 national appearance patents, 22 utility model patents and 2 invention patents. Two technologies fill up the domestic blank, and many technologies have reached the international or domestic advanced level.

Integrated small water treatment equipment

In 2014, the research center is independently researched and developed "integrated small water treatment equipment" serial products. This product can be widely used in the laboratory, small trial and middle trial workshop of each large pharmaceutical factory, departments of each hospital, as well as purified water and distilled water laboratory of the colleges and universities and research institutes. Through experiment reform and experiment for more than one year, the equipment has been successfully developed and showed great glory in 2015 autumn exhibition held by Chinese Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association, which attracts the attention of many customers. 57 sets of orders received after the fair, according to market feedback, the product is preferred by domestic and abroad customers, and has been sold for more than 30 sets, winning widespread praise. Besides product innovation, the center has applied for 7 patents around this project product with two patents of invention; 4 patents of utility model patents are being processed.

SZS double-distilled double-cycle multi-effect distilled water machine

In 2015, the research center developed "SZS double steamed double circulating multi-effect distilled water machine" on the basis of the technology of "NLD serial multi-effect distilled water machine", and this kind of machine aims to save the factory steam consumption, water consumption of raw materials, and reduce equipment consumables. Developed products will be superior to internationally popular compression type multi-effect distilled water machine, and the project is in an orderly way.